About Us

Bethany Claire Cakes was a dream realised in 2011, I went out on a limb to have a kitchen of my own. It has been an epic adventure and has seen me bake my way across Melbourne, catering for weddings, birthdays, funerals and everything in between.


It is my pleasure to be involved in the most special and important events in peoples lives and to get to know my regulars at our weekend farmers markets, where I sell seasonal cakes, cookies, confectionery jams and much more.

But my other great love is PARTIES!

As kids, our parents believed in celebrating our birthdays spectacularly every year.

Mostly on a budget, but always ABUNDANT in JOY, our parties consisted of DIY themes, handmade decorations, activities, games and crafts.  

The joy in this has, over the years, been mostly satisfied by some homemade parties and occasionally the opportunity to style a customers party or cake table.

So in 2016, I opened an Etsy store and started stocking in with my favourite party pieces from all over the place.

I scoured resources from near and far to bring together a beautiful and quirky curated collection or party supplies to die for.

And now, I have gone out on my own with this new site which i hope encapsulates all the best things about parties - The DIY Party Shop.

I believe anyone can create a beautiful event with a few beautiful supplies and a lot of LOVE 


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